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Vision therapy process:

  • During a standard comprehensive exam with your optometrist, your doctor will assess the general health and vision of your eyes. 

  • If the optometrist determines that additional testing is necessary, you may be referred for a sensorimotor examination at Northwest Eyecare Professionals with Dr. Taylor McGann. 

  • The sensorimotor examination will be billed to your medical insurance. This exam will give a baseline of values and determine if vision therapy is necessary.

  • Vision therapy programs at Northwest Vision Academy are performed once per week for 45 minutes.

  • Home exercises are recommended to be performed 5 times per week for 20 minutes.

  • A progress evaluation will be performed after every 8 weeks of vision therapy in order to monitor the patient’s progress.

  • Most patients will need between 12 and 24 weeks of vision therapy.

  • A final visit will be performed at Northwest Eyecare Professionals one month after vision therapy is completed and after home exercises have been tapered down.

Our Services: Our Services
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