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Success Stories

Success Stories: FAQ

"Our daughter came to Dr. Bosner and was referred to Dr. McGann. They were both great to work with. Dr. McGann did a thorough assessment and recommended 8 sessions of eye therapy due to findings and complaints of headaches. We met with Natalie 8 times and did the homework often. By the end, the numbers were greatly improved and the headaches were gone! They do a great job with therapy and offered a nearly permanent solution without ongoing cost or maintenance. We now get to return for routine annual visits only. Highly recommend this program and Dr. Bosner, Dr. McGann and Natalie."


"We had a wonderful experience with Natalie working to correct my daughter's vision. She was always pleasant and knowledgeable. We were satisfied with the treatments received and would recommend this office and staff to anyone needing eye therapy."


"Prior to vision therapy I'd struggled with tension headaches for years. Vision therapy has been a total game-changer. After 12 weeks of weekly appointments and homework, I finally feel like the headaches are gone and have noticed an improvement in daily tasks. The VT team is great and Northwest made VT a seamless experience. Dr. McGann is truly an expert, and is always available to her patients. She is extremely transparent throughout the process and makes it easy to quantify VT results. Natalie is also excellent at facilitating therapy and is very knowledgeable and friendly! :) Overall, I would recommend vision therapy to anyone struggling with headaches or tension. It makes a huge, noticeable difference!"

Kara Sturtz

"I found it very interesting to know what the exercises would help. My left eye had always been weaker than my right and after a stroke, I had some difficulty focusing. All of these improved enough and they are no longer a problem for me."


"Prior to completing vision therapy, I experienced persistent headaches and eye fatigue. The 16 weeks spent in vision therapy improved my overall eye health as a mid-30s, mom of a young child, working from home. I am in front of computer monitors for greater than 8 hours a day. While I have increased breaks, the improvement to my sight and the decreased and often non-existence of eye fatigue has been a game changer.

Natalie and Dr. McGann were kind and patient, and tailored the sessions from week to week to accommodate my progress (or lack of in the earlier weeks when I experienced fatigue.) 10 out of 10, I would most certainly recommend vision therapy as a worthy investment."

Brandi Hammett


"I had a wonderful experience with vision therapy. I came because I was struggling with headaches and being able to focus while working. After vision therapy, I no longer get headaches and focusing on my computer is easy now. I am super thankful for therapy and am thrilled with my results!"


"My daughter did vision therapy with Natalie and Dr. McGann. Dr. McGann took time to understand my concerns and understand what my daughter was describing when she talked about her vision. She helped me know as a parent when she needed help with and it was so encouraging seeing her progress along the way! Natalie was patient and encouraging while doing eye therapy with my daughter and even though the work was hard, my daughter felt comfortable and confident with her eye care team!!”

Marissa S

"The program was thoughtfully executed. Dr. McGann and team were a pleasure to work with and most importantly, vision therapy was a success for my daughter!"

Sean Ramsey

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